front page doze magazine

Front page on new online magazine.

Thank you Rocio.

I♥BCN .I repeat. :)

I'm in Barcelona now... looking for a job and having parties. No more posting on this blog. Perhaps for these weeks..Perhaps never again. :p

rock the casbah

short article about me ,found it randomly :)

butterflies and zebras

dark mood. my new series for my next exhibition will be like this. no more flickr involved. :)
flower of my fears

life on a distant star

Sunglasses on my nose in the pouring rain
dreaming about ... .... ?consume? my ?veins?
Chromatics- Hands in the dark

rip, Mcqueen

is hell around the corner?

hell is around the corner

i don't have a normal life. i don't get out of my house only rarely, it seems i'm starting to hate everything around myself.
maybe i should cherish life now because the only real gift given to you is the person.
the only gift given to you is... right now?